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Blueberry Bliss Crunch

8 oz & 16 oz Available
If bliss is defined as perfect happiness, then BlueBerry Bliss Crunch deserves its name. Every crunchy yet chewy bite bursts with the singular sweetness of blueberries in pure harmony with hints of citrus and vanilla, a touch of organic coconut oil and the depth of organic blue agave nectar. Bring your palate some inner peace – try some and bliss out.
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Blueberry Bliss Crunch
  • Size: 16 oz
  • Gluten-Free Certified Oats

  • Organic Coconut Oil

  • Blueberries

  • Organic Blue Agave Nectar

  • Orange Extract

  • Organic Whole Golden Flaxseed

  • Ground Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

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How It's Made

FOX 10 - "Made In Arizona" stopped by to help create a batch of Laura's Gourmet Granola and documented a typical day around Chef Laura Briscoe's commercial kitchen.

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