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Vanilla Almond Crunch Foodservice

The original, the classic, and our flagship, Vanilla Almond Crunch is what you'll find in the dictionary as the true definition of granola. The perfect combination of blanched slivered almonds, wildflower honey, cinnamon, oats and a hint of kosher salt, this granola is crunchy, without being hard, chewy but not soft.

Certified Kosher Pareve (Non Dairy)
Certified Gluten Free
Soy Free, Cholesterol Free
WBENC Certified Woman Owned
Chef Created
Artisan Crafted/Batch Baked
No Rice Products or Fillers
Nine Month Shelf Life from Production
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Vanilla Almond Crunch Foodservice
  • Size: 10 LB
  • Gluten-Free Certified Oats

Simply The Best Ingredients

How It's Made

FOX 10 - "Made In Arizona" stopped by to help create a batch of Laura's Gourmet Granola and documented a typical day around Chef Laura Briscoe's commercial kitchen.

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